20% OFF 1st 2 Months Valid at the following locations:
*Valid on new accounts and available select locations only. Cannot be combined with other promo codes. Valid on first 2 months of parking. 

Chicago : 718 W Monroe Garage, 535 N St Claire Garage

Philadelphia: 2116 Market St Lot, 618 Market St Garage

Austin: 405 Colorado Garage


20% OFF 3 Month Term Subscriptions
*Valid on new accounts and available at Secure Parking Locations only. Applied towards first two subscriptions (6 months). Must be redeemed on Three Month Plans only.  Not valid on month to month plans. Cannot be combined with other promo codes.

Valid at the following locations: 

Chicago: 183 Monroe Garage, 231 Wabash (Evening Parking Only), Arrive at Streeterville Garage (Business Hour Pass Only), Arrive at Lex Garage (Business Hour Pass Only)

Milwaukee : Freeway Lot, Gas Light Garage, 770 Garage, Cathedral Square Garage, 875 Garage, City Center Garage, Colby Abbot Garage, Bonnies Lots

Tulsa: Boulder Block Lot, Beacon Lot, FBC North Lot, Credit Union Lot, Super Block Lot

Raleigh: Park Lot, State Lot, Wilmington

Austin: 405 Colorado Garage

Fort Worth : Jones Lot

St. Louis: ICON Garage

Durham: Bulls Lot

Chapel Hill: Franklin Lot


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