1. Payment for monthly parking privileges is due on the 1st day of each month. If payment is not received by the 5th of the month, your parking access will be deactivated. Any parking fees incurred by a Parker (“Cardholder”) as a result of suspension for nonpayment are not reimbursable. Only credit cards will be accepted as a form of payment. Credit Cards will be processed and renewed automatically until the contract is terminated.


2. All lost, damaged or stolen access cards must be reported immediately to the Parking Management Office at 313-725-3848 or by email to


3. ODM Parking must be given 30 days written notice of termination of contract. Notice should be emailed to An early termination fee of $75.00 will apply if cancelling within the 30-day period. No refunds will be issued after payment is received.


4. Monthly Parking cannot be purchased for use of attending any Concert/Sporting Event or other event


5. ODM Parking must be notified with any new vehicle information


6. The access control system is equipped with an anti-pass back feature, which disallows consecutive uses. Multiple uses on an access card will result in immediate termination of parking privilege


7. Parking in Reserved spaces is strictly prohibited. Violators will be issued a violation notice. Subsequent violations may result in termination of parking privileges.


8. Olympia Parking, L.L.C. (“ODMP”) and its affiliated and related entities and all of their owners, officers, shareholders, employees, agents, successors and assigns (collectively, the “Olympia Entities”) shall not be liable for any vehicle damage or destruction by reason of theft, fire, collision, or any other cause. Cardholders are solely responsible for their vehicle, possessions, control and content. Each Cardholder also agrees to hold Olympia Entities harmless of any damages or bodily injury sustained such Cardholder or any other person in connection with this agreement.


9. Cardholders will receive a 30-day written notice of any changes in the Parking Rules and Regulations prior to their effective date


10. Vehicles should be secured with all doors locked and windows and sunroofs closed


11. All vehicles parked in a Handicapped Reserved space must clearly display a local or State issued Handicapped parking permit. Any vehicle parked without proper credentials will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense


12. Parking privileges are for daily parking use; vehicles may not be stored.


13. Parking is only allowed in designated parking spaces, vehicles parked improperly or in a Reserved Parking space may be ticketed, immobilized or towed at the owner’s expense. Repeat violators may be charged the maximum daily rate after their first offense, parking privileges may be suspended or terminated for subsequent offenses.


14. Parking structure speed limit is 5 miles per hour; please comply with all posted signs throughout the facility


15. Parking privileges may be revoked, and damages pursued should the Cardholder cause damage to a Parking Facility and/or parking system equipment


16. Monthly parking is available on a first come, first served basis.


17. Vehicles must be in proper working order and must not leak fluids, upon written notice parking privileges may be suspended or revoked for non-compliance


18. Violation of any of these parking rules and regulations may result in immediate termination of monthly parking privileges. Parking Rules & Regulations may be modified by ODMP from time to time.


19. Vehicle heights are restricted to the maximum height of the applicable assigned Parking Facility


20. Parking access cards are NOT transferable without advance approval from the Parking Services office.


21. The parking facility is available for use “24/7”


22. This is a license; no bailment is created, parkers assume all risks for however not limited to fire, theft or damage. Olympia Parking, L.L.C. (“ODMP”) is not responsible for vehicle or personal property left in or attached to the vehicle. No employee or agent has authority to vary or increase liability.