Secure-a-Spot Rewards

It’s the first parking app to reward you for your purchases. And it’s FREE to join!

Get access to exclusive parking discounts across the US. Take advantage of member-only competitions and offers from Secure Parking’s retail, restaurant, and entertainment venue partner.

How Secure-A-Spot Rewards Work

Create a Secure-a-Spot Account & Start Booking to Start Earning!

Receive a $10 parking credit automatically applied on your 4th transaction

How will you redeem? On your 4th purchase, your credit will deduct from your total automatically. No promo code needed.

Earn 12.5% parking cash back every quarter when you spend over $250.00

How will you redeem? Just sit back and keep parking. After you’ve spent $250, your account will automatically apply 12.5% parking cashback with a credit at the end of each quarter. The credit that is applied to your account at the end of each quarter will deduct at each checkout from your transactions until it has been fully used.

*Note: if you’ve reached $250 before the quarter ends, you will not receive your parking cashback until the quarter has ended.

Q1: Ends December 31st, 2020
Q2: Ends April 30th, 2021
Q3: Ends August 31st, 2021
Q4: Ends December 31st, 2021

Receive gifts every 25 transactions per quarter – select from a variety of local restaurants and entertainment venue gift cards

How will you redeem? You will complete the reward redemption form that is sent to your email to select your gift. Once the form has been completed, the SAS team will review your form and send your gift card details via email. *Note: Takes up to 5 business days to process.

*Rewards and reward values are subject to change at any time.