The weekly parking option that saves downtown workers even more money!

Monday before 9AM – Friday

Only available when you book online with Secure-a-Spot.

Entry date/time selected must be for a Monday before 9:00AM

Availability rates and timeframes may vary per location

Discover where available

Early Bird is a parking option that’s perfect for downtown workers and if you book Weekly Early Bird Parking online using Secure-a-Spot you can save even more on the normal Early Bird Parking rate. 

All you have to do is look for Secure-a-Spot Car Parks that offer a Weekly Parking Pass, and click on the Book Now Button, but please remember at most Car Parks, Weekly Passes start on a Monday and runs through to Friday.

When you book the Weekly Parking Pass, you are booking all five days in that working week in the one booking transaction.

Best of all, once you purchase the weekly pass, all you need to do is park. You don’t need to re-visit the meter every day. Your plate number listed on your online booking will confirm your purchase with our enforcement team

So if you want access to the cheapest way to park downtown with the convenience of only having to make one booking per week – try Weekly Parking Pass!

But remember, it’s only available when you book online with Secure-a-Spot.