About Us

Introducing Secure-a-Spot. Officially founded in 2015, Secure-a-Spot is a website and mobile app created with the sole purpose of providing simple access to parking services, reservations and products for parking operators across the US. 

Designed specifically to suit each customer’s unique parking habits, Secure-a-Spot’s suite of products includes Monthly Parking, Early Bird Parking, Weekend Parking, Event Parking and Validation Parking. 

We have brought to the parking market the unrivaled expertise, infrastructure, support and a mission of a truly global company that operates over one million car spaces, employs 15,000 staff, and has our brand on 2,500 parking facilities in 15 different countries. 

Whilst price and convenience are key factors in influencing a decision, we believe that a parking habit can be formed through a positive experience. Secure-a-Spot prides itself on how successful our Sales and Marketing program is. Implementing new rewards programs, exciting giveaways, irresistible promotions, and fun-loving customer appreciation handouts, place us ahead of our competitors. Whether it be receiving ice-cold water on a hot day or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, simple actions can change the way people think about parking. 

We promise to continue to develop fresh and advanced approaches to car parking that benefit every type of parking customer. 



Secure staK 

Secure staK began in 2020 with a focus on creative marketing collaborations. We partner with current parking operators to enhance their online presence and increase customer traffic by implementing fresh and relevant marketing initiatives. 

The entire Secure staK infrastructure is a unique offering not provided by any other Car Parking Industry. The Secure staK program has been peer-reviewed and proven in the field, and to validate its effectiveness, we now provide/manage the staK services to other parking operators across the US.  Want more information? Contact sales@secureaspot.com