From the outset, Secure Parking took the Car Parking Industry by storm with its visionary approach. In 1979, when the company was founded, parking facilities were regarded as a commodity with little differentiation between them. Secure Parking quickly recognized that each parking facility is a retail business with its own identity, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.  Ensuring that we select the best of the new and emerging technologies and trends while applying them in a way that best serves the ever-changing needs of consumers and property owners. Our visionary approach has secured our position as one of the most successful car park operators in the World.

“Our simple goal for the past 40 years is to better understand and build relationships with our customers”

– Garth Mathews Founder

Sales & Marketing

Secure has created an ecosystem of integrated systems, interconnected with flow processes to enable an end-to-end system of acquiring and retaining parking customers.  Yes, the day to day operations is important and has a role in driving revenue, but what really drives revenue? Sales & Marketing. 


Customer Service 

Secure Parking prides our business on the importance of well-trained, polite, and efficient staff coupled with dynamic technology to ensure both market penetration and marketing efficiencies are achieved while customer satisfaction is maximized. Secure Parking places a high emphasis on the importance of customer service and has gone to great lengths to ensure we maintain the highest standards in this field.

Operations Plan

We incorporate our core values – respect, fairness, transparency, and integrity – into every business dealing to ensure desired results. Our Secure Parking team understands the dynamics involved in managing, from small to large scale facilities and implementing a  suitable operations plan.  

Customer Retention

Secure puts forth a vast amount of effort into obtaining new customers, and we make it just as important as retaining them.  Our customer attention strategy will put your location(s) in the perfect position for ongoing success and growing revenue.