Monthly Parking Subscriptions

Find your dedicated car park for 24/7 access


Finding parking can be a stressful experience. We want to make it easy for you and your employees.

Secure offers simple to-manage parking options from group discounts, group parking, and validations.  Find which option best suits your business needs.


This is the perfect parking solution for a hybrid work schedule.

Need parking but don’t need a Monthly Subscription? We’ve got the solution to all your parking needs! Flex Passes allow you to park up to 5 times at a single location at a fraction of the price.


We offer subscription-based parking; select your subscription term based on your personal needs.

Secure Parking USA has no cancellation policy. Cancel anytime, and you will not be charged at the upcoming renewal date.

We want to celebrate your annual  Park-A-Versary as a loyal customer of ours!  You will be gifted with money off your monthly parking invoices every year

**Terms apply


1 Month Subscription

This is the most flexible option. Cancel anytime!

Payments are auto-renew monthly.

(i.e. a one month subscription beginning on 5/3 would renew on 6/3, 7/3, etc.).

*Terms vary per operator. 

3 Month Subscription

This option is cost-effective!

Monthly payments are on auto renewal every 3 months.

(i.e. a three month subscription beginning on 5/3 would renew on 8/3, 11/3, etc.).

*Terms vary per operator. 

5 Month Subscription

This is a great option for students!

Monthly payments are on auto renewal every 5 months.

(i.e. a five month subscription beginning on 5/3 would renew on 10/3, 3/3, etc.).

*Terms vary per operator. 





Give $50, Get $50

Share your referral code with co-workers, friends, or family and earn up to $150 credits.

How do I Refer-A-Friend?

Access your billing portal and locate your unique referral code!  When a referral signs up for an immediate start date on a parking subscription, you will both receive a credit on your accounts.

You can refer up to 3 people with your referral code.

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